Party of 1.

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Just like the first day of class it is only fitting that I stand up (figuratively) and introduce myself. Similarly to that first day, I am here trying to figure out who I am. I promise not to bore you with my favorite color (which is black by the way), but I hope to ever so briefly give you a peek into what makes up the deepest part of my being.

One of my favorite Bible verses is John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less.” It became real to me during a time that I was desperately trying to find my niche in this world. I was reminded that as a Christian I ought to spend every minute of my life giving God the glory he deserves. Of course I fail miserably everyday, but because God is rich in mercy he loves me nonetheless.

Before God formed me in the womb He knew that I would read the dictionary for fun, eat dry cereal and have way too many pinterest boards.

There are other, more important, things like the fact that I was born and raised in Jamaica and later moved to Texas. Prison is my favorite place to be; ministering to women behind bars about the freedom to be found in Christ does wonders for my soul. I love my friends and family and I deeply value their relationships. On any given day that I am wearing my headphones, I am probably listening to Christian rap.

There is so much more to me, but I hope you get the gist. I would love for you to join me on this journey, as I put my thoughts and passions onto this virtual book so that you can read my mind.